Nychos: “Puff the Magic Dragon” for Livin Streets Festival in Graz

NYCHOS just busted out another burner in his hometown of Graz, Austria for Livin’ Streets Festival (sponsored by Inoperable Gallery). Painted down eight stories of abandoned fish food factory near the center of Graz, “Puff the Magic Dragon” is a wicked, fuming Chinese dragon whose name may or may not have something to do with what’s in the dragon’s claw. Look closer and you might catch some extra cheesy surprises hidden in this massive mural. Photographs by Picks Magazine. Nychos04_picksmagazine





Lauren YS is currently the artist in residence at the REM Burrow! An illustrator and kraken enthusiast from Colorado, Lauren now works doing fine art, freelance and murals in San Francisco. This week she’s begun populating the facade of our art space with space-bunnies and tentacles.. Feel free to come over to Gumpendorferstrasse 91, Vienna, to have a look and say hello!

Look out for some t-shirt designs and a print release in the coming weeks.

 lauren ys for rabbit eye movement gallery

lauren ys for rabbit eye movement gallery

lauren ys for rabbit eye movement gallery

You can find more of Lauren’s work using the links below:



Instagram: Lolo_YS



Nychos travelled last week to Sao Paulo Brazil to work on a new mural called “Horsepower” in the Pinheiros neighborhood.

Have a look at some first pictures here


Thanks to Montana Cans

Photo credits: Instagrafite


Rabbit Eye Movement is an  Agency, which means we connect brands with artists for a wide variety of projects. Two weeks ago we did  this project for Volvo in Switzerland.

Volvo Art Session is a live art project taking place in Zurich’s main railway station that finds “selected Swiss and international artists applying their creativity to a Volvo car” The organizers of the event invited Nychos as one of the artists for their fourth year of the event.

On May 16th, the Austrian artist was seen live painting, applying his recognizable explosive dissected concept onto one of Volvo vehicles. Cleverly using the idea of dismounting the car into basic car parts and painting its anatomy, the end result is a very effective 3D piece. Showing the car as an organic form, the artist once again proved his impeccable technical skills using spray paint. But also, he successfully matched the idea of these art sessions as “an expression of Volvo’s outstanding design expertise and innovativeness.”

Photo credit: Volvo Art Session.


REM X Cone Prints and T-shirts

REM produced two limited edition T-shirts and two prints together with Cone for his ICONES Number 1 show in May/June 2014 at the REM art space. They are available at our Art Space but also in our web shop!

The prints are all numbered and signed by Cone


The T-shirts are all unisex, available in size S,M,L

ICONES – Number 1 contains a selection of the kind of ink drawings CONE is well known for. Selfies, tributes and ridiculous confessions are their subjects. The self portraits are a serial work with its conceptual roots in his graffiti background. Instead of styles or tags he spreads his variations of the beardedman with glasses and experiments with that image in a for- mal as well as autobiographical manner. Using his own character enables him to make these works a bit more personal while at the same time exploring the depths of his consciousness and phantasies. The second part of his show contains a number of tribute drawings focusing on personalities he is impressed by in some way, featuring not only musicians, writers and scientists, but also dubious characters from the shallow waters of tabloid journalism.


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